WAIS-IV Test Preparation (FREE/DEMO)


WAIS-IV Test Preparation (FREE/DEMO)

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)® is an IQ test used to assess intelligence and cognitive capacity in adults and older adolescents. The WAIS®-IV assessment is appropriate for use with persons aged 16 to 90. It’s the most extensively used IQ test in the world. The latest version of the test, the WAIS®-IV, which was introduced in 2008, consists of ten core subtests and five additional subtests.
This FREE test consists of total 5 multiple-choice questions . You can always use the info button (upper-left) to see a hint The FULL version of this test is available here

In each box, the top triangle goes down one position. When it hits the bottom, it disappears. The logic is the same for the other triangles.

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1. What comes next in the sequence?

You have to focus on box 1 (top left) and box 2 (top right) andto find the pattern. Apply the logic from the top row for box 3(bottom left) and box 4 (bottom right). There is a green square in box 3 and four green circles in box 4 (as many sides as the square). Because box 2 has three yellow circles, box 1 will have a yellow triangle.

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2. Which of the following images completes the missing part?

Rule 1:
Squares and hexagons are alternately shaded and un-shaded.
Rule 2:
The unshaded hexagons have an arrow in the middle, while the shaded hexagons have a triangle.
Rule 3:
The triangle rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise while the arrow rotates 45 degrees clockwise.
Rule 4:
The square in each row moves from one corner to the other clockwise.

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3. Which of the following images completes the missing part?

Select three of the six options that will create the figure shown above. Please keep in mind that the answers may be rotated.

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4. Choose the 3 pieces below that combine to complete the shape above

Look at how the given figures are balanced on both sides of the scale. It is important to note that each shape and color is individual.

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5. Which of the figures below can balance the scale?

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